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    The company held the mid year marketing conference
    Source: | Author:Xinya Electronic | Published time: 2021-07-16 | 3111 Views | Share:

    Recently, Xinya Electronic Co., Ltd. held the "mid year marketing conference". After the half year of 2021, the marketing department of the company convenes all personnel of the Department, especially the marketing personnel of each office, to return to the company. Everyone gets together to summarize information, analyze the performance completion in the first half of the year, feed back the new trends of industry development, predict the new needs of customers, and implement the sales target implementation plan for the second half of the year. The marketing conference was presided over by deputy general manager Yang Wenhua, and chairman Zhao zhanbing and deputy general manager Shi Liujian attended the conference for guidance. Chairman Zhao zhanbing affirmed the work of the marketing department in the first half of the year and encouraged everyone to seize the opportunity, move forward bravely and strive to continuously achieve excellent results.

    After the meeting, colleagues from the marketing department went to the seaside to carry out rich and interesting League building activities.

    (the picture shows the group photo of Xinya e-marketing elite group construction activity)

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